Sunday, 20 September 2009

Walk Around Matley 8

Views From Upper Matley
Hyde, Haughton, Stockport and beyond

Over the fields to Harrop Edge

Harrop Edge Again



When I took this walk the weather was touch and go... the clouds broke now and then and blue skies could be seen, but mostly it was overcast and grey. What was nice was when the sun did poke through the clouds it would throw light on certain fields for a short while like the picture above shows. More tomorrow..


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are able to be out and about and walking. I wish I could do that again.

I spent one day restoring Patty's computer. She clicked on an email she had sent that could not be delivered and was returned. She was curious as to why it wasn't delivered and clicked on the notice. Well, it was a "worm" that locked her computer and wouldn't let her do anything. When I got up the next day, she came out in her PJs and said, "My computer won't come on."

I had to reformat the hard drive and return it to the factory, new, condition. She lost everything on the computer. I feel sorry for her as it takes a lot of time to put her things back on the computer that she had saved on an external hard drive. Beware folks. If you send an email and it comes back, you should not open it.

I have not been able to get around much of late.

Tom said...

Hi Abe...
I got an e-mail this week from Patty explaining what went on. I do not open any emails from folk I don't know anymore... they go right in the spam bin... I will not open an attachment in an e-mail at all Abe...
I now use Google Mail.. it's free, it opens my email on line... it as a great spam filter and so far as served me very well..

As for this walk.... it is the first I've done in a while... and as took me nearly a week to get over it. Today my heart beat is very erratic which leaves me so tired.... I take each day as they they come Abe.... and try not to let it get me down to much. At least when I do get out I have such views as these on my doorstep..

imac said...

Its well worth seeing this Tom, take it easy tho, and do a bit and rest then go again.walk 1 way and get Jane to pick you up.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: Looks like you borrowed the blues from Mac for your city photo.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

The countryside is lovely. Derbyshire just gained stature in my mind, not for it landscape but that I just learned the DH Lawrence lived in Ilkeston at one time and wrote Lady Chatterley's Lover with the region in mind. It was based on a most interesting aristocratic woman Lady Ottoline Morrell. How far from Hyde to Ilkeston?

Tom said...

Hi Philip
You asked how far Ilkeston is from Hyde... just looked it up ad its 72 miles or so.... it seems to be just outside of Nottingham.. It is not a place I have ever been but I know that our local football club Hyde United play them once or twice a year. If I was heading that way from He I would go through Bakewell, and then Matlock.. two of ourfavourite places in Derbyshire. Hyde is in Cheshire but is on the border of Derbyshire, Lancashire, and Yorkshire.

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Hey Tom, wonderful journey as usual. Watched a programme on ABC yesterday and low and behold there was Hyde Mill in the background, probably by the time you read this Hyde Mill will be no more, very sad. The programme was "All the small things" and parts were filmed in good old Glossop. Love Bakewell, another favourite of ours. Flights were booked a few weeks back for a trip at Christmas, so excited. Take care Tom, I'm sorry to read that you are feeling so tired, as you say take each day as it comes. You are very blessed to have the countryside around you to lift your spirits, not to mention the beautiful Jane and all your wonderful family. Gee I waffle don't I, sorry about that. Take good care. Linda

Rose said...

It is interesting to me to see your power lines...I used to hate having powerlines in my photos, and now I really think they add something to them. At least some of them.

I also like the views, of course.