Saturday, 19 September 2009

Walk Around Matley 7

Stuck For Choice






With all the different footpath to take round Matley I was stuck for choice as to which I was going to take. I was happy to find that most of the stiles I could squeese my belly through. These paths all criss-cross the local farms and as one of the farmers was working in certain fields that day I kept to the quieter ones. The farmer in question is a nice friendly chap, always gives a wave to those he knows and will stop for a chat as well at times. I will show him working and his herd of dairy cows next week.


imac said...

Thanks mate - just got to your blog and make a comment and up pops you on mine lol.
Enjoyed the choice we got of which way to walk.Love these shots Tom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

I think I have mentioned this before when I visited one of your walk blog posts. Here where we live, it is not a wise thing to do -- walking around a farmer's fields may be tolerated in the winter during rabbit hunting season, but even then they would want you to come to the house and ask them for permission to hunt on their property. Many of them post signs, "NO Hunting" or "Keep Out" signs. If you know the farmer it would be OK but most would go to the house and tell them that you would be walking on their farm.

It is safe to walk around on large wild parks like our nearby Sycamore Park. It is really like a wilderness in the process of growing up. There are places where the trees are giants but many places the land is in the process of going back to Nature and is in different stages. Right now it is a lot of tall weeds, grass and berry bushes. Some trees too but they are never very tall and are the scrubby trees. They live 5 to 15 years and die but they afford some protection for other trees like Ash and Oak and Maple.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: All I could think was don't fence me in.

KAZ said...

I was thinking that too Tom - some of those styles etc. do look a bit narrow.
I'm narrow too, but rather a shortarse and some of the steps can be too high.

Willard said...

Tom, I always enjoy your photo tours and this is a beautiful one.

I'm glad you got the video to play and liked it. That is my voice. I always have trouble getting the narration clear and have to do several takes sometimes, what with mispronouncing words or getting too hoarse to talk. If I recall correctly I did take a couple of shots to help the process along when I recorded that narration.

The youth did seem to enjoy it at the program today with most paying close attention and Salty did a great job of teaching them the basics of camera operation. I'll be away from the computer for the next two weeks going to the elk range for the big fall photo shoot, so I won't be commenting or posting until then.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I think it's fabulous that you can walk about the farms in Great Britain. Just today I felt guilty taking photos of a farm from the road...which is totally legal, but still made me feel funny when the farmer drove up on his tractor. OOPS!

Turns out he was a nice guy and when I complimented him on his interesting old, rickety barn he laughed and told me (and my hubster) some deliciously gossipy stories about why he was letting his barn fall apart. (He and his neighbours are in the middle of a feud with someone developing a nearby ski area.)

Well, the real point of my story is that most farmers don't mind photographers. But they do appreciat being spoken to.