Sunday, 20 September 2009

Walk Around Matley 9

More Sights To See
Old Gate
I am always on the look out for these, more so for the gate posts. Some are very well carved and I'm sure different areas had different designs.

View Towards Hyde
This clearly shows how near to the town we are, and the blue sign in the middle right of the above shot is a traffic sign on the M67 motorway which cuts its way through the center of the town.

Old Farm Buildings..
These buildings are down a pathway I have not walked before and is somthing I know nothing about.... it will however be getting a visit as soon as I can make this walk again. It looks lived in but I can't think of any roads or lanes that lead that way...

Waymarker & Stile
These are something else I keep taking pictures of.... more as a reminder to check the paths out... and another reason is I come across them damaged at times and it helps to have a picture when reporting them.

Dry Stone Wall
As you nearly all know now I show these whenever I can... this one is well past its best and will be lost for ever in time. It is an old stretch of walling but most as gone and the gapes have been replaced with barbed wire.


imac said...

You really have a great eye as you walk Tom.
Tis a pity Jane has'nt got a blog I could

Anonymous said...

All very nice photography, Tom. The stiles is something we no longer have here. And in fact, fences are becoming a thing of the past. Most farms no longer keep farm animals so there is no need for fences or stiles. I like the scenery there and am surprised it is so close to the city. The stone wall is nice and it looks like limestone it is made from. We have lots of limestone in our area under the ground and for that reason our soil is generally sweet as opposed to being acid. Nice post Tom.

Yes, to answer your question on my birds blog, the Starlings over here have a complete list of vocalizations. They don't even sound like starlings sometimes but I think they do a good job of sounding like other birds. Almost like they set together on post and one makes the sound of another bird and the companion judges how good it was. Another great one to mimic and one that crys, "Fire!" a lot, is the Blue Jay. It can chortle and sound like other birds and it screams, "Hawks!", to get other birds to flee in terror, thereby leaving the peanuts exposed to themselves all alone.

Tom said...

Thanks for that Abe... I thought your Starling might be the same... can be very funny at times seeing my neighbours looking for their phone ringing....ha! and then find out it's a starling sat on the roof line..

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I always enjoy your photos of the English countryside. Your stone walls remind me of the New England states. Here, old farms are often lined with split cedar rail fences...unless there are animal they are trying to keep in. Barbed wire and electrified wire for animal farms!

Many of our old barns have stone foundations but the buildings are usually wooden. So your countryside really does look different.

James said...

That was a very nice walk. I really enjoyed seeing the rustic walls and buuildings. It's such a beautiful place.

Rose said...

I am totally enjoying all the photography....I really missed these posts when you were taking your break from it.