Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Setting Sun







I took these this weekend as the sun was setting.... the sun caught the leaves of this Bay Tree and lit up the leaves bright orange.... I had to go get the camera. The sun will be setting over Wiggers World for a while after this weeks Header Challenge.... see post below for why.. in the mean time enjoy the views


mrsnesbitt said...

A song was brewing Tom!
"As the sun sets down on Wiggers World" the banner of friendship is unfurled! We stand together as we watch the sight - but for now from Tom he is saying "Goodnight!"

Bloodhound said...

Nicely caught sir. Most folk would not have recognised the beauty of that moment.

Tom said...

Two fantastic comment that I'm proud to recieve.. and a song.. ;o)

EG Wow said...

The light on the leaves is beautiful, Tom!

imac said...

Well Tom-Ass, real beauties.

Ive posted my Headbangers Post.

RuneE said...

A nice collection you have here. The evening light is very special.

Carolyn said...

Tom, this is such a beautiful series of shots, the touch of sunlight is stunning.
Have a great break, have fun at whatever you do and take care. Look forward to seeing you down the road.
Smiles from Haida Gwaii!

Pat said...

Amazing shots! It looks like the bay leaves have red foil on them, but it's the color of the sunset.