Friday, 16 April 2010

Print Works Roof

I have often looked down on these roofs, at the amount of slates and lead work. I had a friend who worked on these roofs replacing the lead work.... it was a job well done for sure. It as to be over 30 years I stood on the bridge shouting across to him.

Parts of this factory are now being pulled down just like many of the 'big' employers from this area it seems this one is winding down now.

I've grown up with the sights and smell of the mills and their chimney's... the smells such as the bone works, and tobacco works have now gone. This mill had its vats of dye that were as bad as the others mentioned. I know the jobs will be missed, but the smells certainly will not.


imac said...

Bridge that Gap.

Lew said...

Perfect subject for B&W. we are seeing some of the old buildings being restored to new uses here. I'll be posting more shos as the work progresses. We drove through Bethlehem, PA last year. The abandoned steel factory was in bad shape.

SandyCarlson said...

Some amazing work there. Those roof lines are like many in Waterbury, Connecticut. During WWII, factories were built to look like homes to trick Hitler's crowd. I guess it worked!

EG Wow said...

I like these roof shots. Lots of lines, shapes and angles.