Thursday, 15 April 2010

Malakai In Movement


imac said...

Very cute and great shots Tom.

See no evil - hear no evil Where's the speak no evil Tom,lol.

Darla said...

I had to show my son (23) Malakai's eyelash photo, he said, "Mom he is adorable!" He is!!

Rose said...

I bet he and Lorelei would have a blast...he is so cute.

Tom said...

I never thought of that.. but will try for 'Speak No Evil' this weekend... I have a picture frame with room for 3 pictures.. it will look perfect.
Thank you for yours and your sons comments... we know he is adorable and fills our life with joy and to for others to say so is another blessing of being a grand parent..
I think I have said much the same thing... we will have him stopping over tomorrow night.

Becca's Dirt said...

He is adorable and looks like so much fun to play with.

Lew said...

Aren't the little ones delightful? Great baby portraits!

Carletta said...

Such a sweetie!
Those eyelashes are gorgeous.
Imac has a wonderful idea.

I'm leaving in a couple of days to go visit my Grandbabies. You are so lucky to have yours so close.