Monday, 29 March 2010

Canal Views 6

Tunnel Vision

This was going to be the first tunnel for us to go through, we had read all about doing so...... it was just a matter of putting it into practice. We could see from a distance it was a tunnel that would only allow single file traffic.

We first checked the tunnel was empty, and then switched on our headlight and some interior lights. It is advised to turn on some interior lights to help a following boat to see you. If your boat was just showing one stern light it may be confused with a headlight by the helmsman of any boat following behind.

As we went in, we sounded the horn with one long blast to warn any boats we had started coming through the tunnel. As can be seen it was very narrow in there and a bit damp. We steered by looking at one side of the tunnel and at slow speed.

Everything we did worked perfectly, and as we came to the end of the tunnel a boat coming the other way had pulled to one side and was waiting for us to clear the tunnel and one behind was waiting at a safe distance ready to follow us through.. As this was the first time we had done it we felt quite relieved when it was over.

The taller one is my brother who was the helmsman which meant he was steering, and the younger lad is our friends son who came on the trip with us and became quite an expert at opening and closing the locks... more about the locks in another posting.


Arija said...

What a great adventure you are having!
I'll be back to investigate further when I feel better.

Kerri said...

Very cool Tom!

EG Wow said...

Hey! You did good, Tom. It was kind of scary going through the tunnel with you...but we made it!

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Is this the one at Woodley?

What's the towpath like in the tunnel?

Patty said...

Just a little too scary for me. I don't like being in a boat to begin with and then going through a tunnel, that's too much like having and MRI. LOL

maryt/theteach said...

Looks a little scary, Tom! Went canoeing on the Delaware River some years back and fell in twice... Ha! Never had to face a dark tunnel like that tho' Happy Easter!