Sunday, 28 March 2010

Canal Views 5

Canal Art Work

Barge Ware Art or Canal Ware Art is a traditional British folk art. This highly decorative form of folk art once adorned the working narrow boats on the waterways of Britain

Canal ware, Barge ware, is used to describe decorated items and household utensil's, rather than the painting that can be found on the Barges themselves.

Traditionally these items are highly decorated designs. I can not find out how this British folk art began, but think it seems to be in the late 1700s when Britain's canals were at their busiest.

I can imagine on some journeys there would be a lot of down time, such as waiting to be loaded and unloaded.. and queues at the locks or between jobs. To pass time and maybe to earn extra income art work like this could have been done at these times.

Roses and flowers seem to be popular, and landscapes of distant hill and castles.. all these views can be seen around our inland waterways

Today Barge ware is very collectible, in fact on eBay at the moment is a teapot... which says 'Home Sweet Home' admittedly this seems to be an old one ... but the price... yours for £345.00. I wish I'd collected this stuff a few years back when prices were much lower. More tomorrow for the canal.


Abraham said...

The folks who own the canal boats are as proud as punch with them and their decorative art is really nice and colorful to see.

I just wondered if the people who live on these boats have to pay taxes on them like a person does who lives in a house?

EG Wow said...

These items are quaint and colourful. I can see why they have become collectible.

There are many, many items I wish I had collected years ago. You could be collecting something from now to sell in the future...but where would you store it?

Carolyn said...

Tom, these last five posts have been wonderful. I had no idea that there were these canals in Great Britian and there history is quite remarkable as I read up on it. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos of these amazing crafts.
Blessings and smiles

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

It certainly is very colourful.

So far as I know the footbridge from Adamsons to Raglan Street is still closed though I've not been down that end for some time.

imac said...

You are so right Tom, they are very Arty and beautiful.

A Tom-Ass fairy would look great on a barge.