Friday, 2 October 2009

Walk Around Matley 14


These are the last few pictures I will show you of my walk around and through the fields of Matley.


This is one of the last few herds of dairy cattle in Hyde, most farms now seem to make their living from horses. When I first moved around here over 20 years ago I would often stand and watch the farmer walking his herd back to and from the farm at milking time. All the traffic would be held up on Matley lane.... which at that time had a 60mph speed limit on most parts... that as now dropped to 40mph. The field he would walk them from he sold for housing, and as his fields on this side of the road are all connected it is rare to see them on the road now.


Autumn was showing all around, the trees are all changing colour now and some like this Holly were baring fruit.


By the time I had done this walk around Matley I was tired, it used to take me no time at all. I walked down this pathway heading home past the Rising Moon public house.... at one time I would have stopped off here for a pint or two, but now my thoughts were on my aching knees and hips, and an erratic heart beat. I got home realising how unfit I am at the moment, my illness stops me from exercising each day, which in turn as led me to pile on the pounds... I really need to do a little each and everyday, even if I have to sit down on a chair whilst doing so. ha!
Thanks for dropping by and seeing and reading about my walk, hopefully the next one will not be to long.


James said...

Hello Tom, you live in such a beautiful place. Your photos are great.
I think my wife's parents were near your town.
They were in the UK the whole month of September until Oct 8th They've been to London,Durham,6 days touring Wales,New castle,10 days in Manchester they arrived in Oxford yesterday,Windsor then home. I'll have to ask them if they made it to Hyde.

PERBS said...

You have lots to see on this walk! Thanks for sharing it.

alicesg said...

Lovely country photo. It looked so fresh and clean in the countryside and no pollution. I love your header photo.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Take it easy with those walks but not TOO easy. Great shots of the cows.

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed that walk with you. What a beautiful area. The cattle have a gorgeous coloring.

I feel my age in the hips and knees, too. It's a humbling thing, though my chair makes me feel as regal as a queen when it's all over.

Anonymous said...

I love farm scenes with the livestock. I am a big fan of cows, horses and chickens. Almost always when they are OK we are OK but when one comes up missing or is sick nobody is OK.

My heart and lungs are a mess. So I am aware of what you go through and I am also in the sad position of not being able to do much and pile on pounds myself. Patty and I did some work yesterday. She does more than me but we do get some exercise from time to time.

The landscapers are supposed to come on Monday and redo out whole entire front. It will be something to see and experience not to mention the drain on my pocketbook.

Take care of yourself, Tom. Say hello to the better half from me and Patty.

RuneE said...

I see much the same is happening in England as is here. Very few farmer in this area are now have dairy cattle. Sheep are the most popular animal with those that are left, and there are not many of those either.

I would have loved to walk that round with you - it is a find for photographers. And I know "all" about erratic heart beat...

Keep well and take care!!

PS Thank you for the comment! I haven't decided yet quite what I'm going to do about benches and Fridays and so forth, but we'll see... :-)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: As long as no harm comes it was a neat walk. I loved the holly bush and the cow close-up best. Keep well my friend.

nonizamboni said...

I enjoyed taking this walk with you--such an idylic place. I'm always a little sad to see the march of change come in my direction. Lovely photos.
Take good care, my friend. Even a bit of exercise done is a chair is for the better.

KAZ said...

I'm shocked by the holly. Is that normal for the end of Sept/beginning of Oct.
Look at it this way - it's so lovely round Hyde it encourages you to get out and exercise a bit.
Imagine you were in Fallowfield.
Talk about the wrong name for a place.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I am sorry your illness makes you feel so bad. I know what it is to have bad knees that hurt when I do a little walking about. But taking some pain killers allows me to get things done I need done.

It I would with I would take you into the pub. I would have a soft drink but you could have a beer or two. I promise to get you home.

Perhaps, we might meet some day. I have a wealthy widow friend who has taken a fancy for me. We were in grade school together. She regularly comes to Yorkshire to oversee the branch plant her company has there. The day is coming when she is going to want to have me go with her. I just might.

Carletta said...

Hi Tom,
This was a beautiful walk in bovine territory. I like dairy cows. It much easier thinking of them than beef cattle. :)
Love those Holly berries.
I know what you mean about walking - aches, pains.
You be careful and do your walks a little at a time.
Tell Jane hi for me!

Rose said...

Tom,these are all wonderful shots. I sure have enjoyed our walk through Matley!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Is it my imagination or does that cow in the top photo have an attitude? ;-)

Take care when taking your walks, Tom. It's no fun to feel unfit!

Dimple said...

Hi- It's my first time to your blog. I really enjoyed the walking tour of your town, both in color and black & white.
Sorry you're not feeling well; age does make things harder!

Lizzy said...

Your EG Tour Guide - all cows have attitude some days, especially if they have young and you have a dog!!!

Tom, do you know it as the Skennin Moon - thats what my dad calls it, but he or I don't know the origin of the nickname!

Tom said...

Hi Lizzy... I have not heard it called that before.... but I have heard the word Skennin before... as in 'What you skennin at' Skenning meaning 'looking'.. it could well be that Lizzy..
Hows is your dad? I was in the Grapes last night, it as changed quite a bit... and maybe not for the better...

June said...

I have really enjoyed the walk around Matley, thanyou for sharing the lovely photographs.
Take your exercise little and often Tom and keep well.
Liz, I have heard a new or full moon referred to as a "skenning moon" because it looks like a staring eye in the night sky...I have just driven back from Lytham St Annes tonight and had the Harvest moon skenning in through the windscreen at me all the way!
It was beautiful,

Dina said...

I'm enjoying your walk and your talk, Tom. Good luck.