Sunday, 4 October 2009

3 Of - 1

This week I'm posting 3 pictures a day... I'm calling it '3 Of' and to start off with I have chosen birds... I hope you enjoy this.




Wood Pigeon




Anonymous said...

Lovely birds, Tom. Your photos are excellent as well.

Thanks for the visit and comment on my birds blog about the hawk.

James said...

Hi Tom, I always like to see pictures of birds, but I don't take them very well. Yours are excellent x3.

Dimple said...

Thanks for posting these! Your robin and jay are different from ours, but the wood pigeon is a lot like our domestic pigeons.

Kerri said...

These are gorgeous Tom! Very well done!!

Rose said...

I am sure going to enjoy...these are nice pics. I did a post Friday, I believe that you would enjoy.

PERBS said...

Those are all terrific shots! I need to take lessons from you!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Nice shots of the bird and I must say they are all different from any we have here. I NEVER would have guessed he third one is a jay. Are they noisy like the blue jays we have in Canada?

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: What neat birds you have in England.

James said...

Hello Tom, I'm honored that you would want my scarecrow photo in your collection.
You are welcomed to it, and thanks for asking.