Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Walk Around Matley 2

While I was getting stuck in that very narrow stile yesterday I noticed this twisting on a Hawthorn tree. The colours of the bark, trunk, and moss stood out so well.

Most of the Clover had gone to seed, and the bits that were still in flower had seen better days... I could almost be talking about myself and not the clover. I came back from this walk full of aches and pains... my heart beat was all over the place, and my knees and hip joints very painful.


I suppose the aches and pains are to be expected, sitting about the house for the last few week set your overall fitness back. I realised I'd over done it yesterday but in many ways it was well worth it... and today I will rest and admire the pictures.

Above is a rabbit hole, I came across dozens in the hedgerows..... the soil as can be seen is very dry, we have been having lots of rain but the hedgerow trees must take all the moisture. There's more rabbits about now than I have ever seen... I am surprised the farmers let this happen as rabbit holes in grazing fields can be dangerous to stock.


I mentioned the amount rain we have had this summer, and as a result the Hawthorns were covered in new lichen and moss.


Join me again tomorrow as I follow this footpath.


Anonymous said...

You must have had a nice walk, Tom. I see you saw a lot of things that would also interest me. Like you, we are drying out some. Patty and our granddaughter and myself have carried watering cans to water some things that were in need more than others.

We usually get dry in the Fall or Autumn. Then October is usually a rainy month. Pat and I were both born in October. It must have been rainy that month back in 1934 and 1936 and the men didn't have anything better to do.

Take care.

RuneE said...

You may not believe it, but this is the first rabbit-hole I think I have ever seen! Not so strange perhaps, since we don't have rabbits here, but I have been lots of times to the UK. Next time though...

imac said...

Looks like you enjoyed yourself, even tho your bones didnt Tom.
I certaily enjoyed it too, without my bones hurting.

June said...

No rabbits in Norway RuneE? Well, I never knew that!

Linda - Gold Coast said...

It's been lovely taking the walk around Matley, take things easy Tom and look after those "old" bones. I know where you are coming from, sadly!

Neal said...

I love the bottom picture! It looks so peaceful and is just calling me to go out that path!!

SandyCarlson said...

I hope you are feeling rested now, Tom. That was quite a walk you had. I always enjoy what you see.

nonizamboni said...

Hope you're rested up for the next walk. Thanks for the view and the rabbit hole which I'd only read about in Beatrix Potter.
Happy week, Tom!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: A wonderful look at the walk you took, slow does it.

KAZ said...

But at least you still have 'bits that are still in flower'.
Sorry you felt bad - more gentle exercise and plenty of it is needed - let's face it we just haven't had any summer which makes it difficult.
I don't know Matley - must give it a try.
btw - I'm most impressed by the knitting!

Carletta said...

Hi Tom,
I love the little unexpected things you found to photograph. I especially like that next to last image.
Sometimes my aches and pains are from no more than a walk around the yard. :)
Do take care my friend and don't overdo.