Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Rights Of Way

Out and About
Around Matley Lane

Stile off Matley Lane

Looking back

Way Marker of Public Footpaths

Well worn path

Stile leading to Early Bank Road


Which way to walk?
I try to keep to Public Footpaths as much as I can when out and about.... more so when on farm land... but as you can read... I do have the 'Right To Roam'

Under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CROW), we the public can walk freely on mapped areas of mountain, moor, heath, downland and registered common land without having to stick to these paths..... if interested read more about the Rights Of Way
I know one or two of you have your own land, and not coming from the UK will find it interesting that anyone..... 'yes anyone' can walk over mapped private land with public access here.... some old pathways actually take you right through peoples gardens..... there are no 'Keep Out' signs then.... just a 'Please Close The Gate' sign.


Coy said...

Quite interesting Tom.

As you know we have nothing like it here and as such its best to know who's land your tromping around on or you could end up in a bit of a pickle.

Take care my friend and please continue to post your wonderful romps about your beautiful countryside.

imac said...

Heyup Wiggers boy.
Darn Gud post mate.
Keep em rolling along.

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Tom. Was here this morning and left a comment about paths, etc. Then this Noon I saw your question on my fur blog about chipmunks.

Chipmunks over here are skittish and will sound an alarm call and disappear instantly when a human being comes around. I can't imagine them attacking people. At least those here wouldn't. They are afraid of people. I think maybe somebody over there in the UK is pulling your leg.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I wish we had the same rules here. I seem to see more and more "no trespassing" signs all the time. I really don't think that's right.

When I see a "no trespassing" sign it makes me want to sneak in all the more to find out what's so precious there that the owners don't want to share...or want anyone to know about.

alicesg said...

Interesting to see the sign that pointed right and left. I normally will choose left...I wondered OK, I will pop over to the article, sounds interesting.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I have read about the extensive footpath network that allows people to walk across otherwise private land. It is a lovely idea as long as walkers are respectful of the land they cross.

Willard said...

I had heard of this before, Tom.

As Salty stated, this is not the case here and a large percentage of private ground is posted although much of the reason for the posting is to control hunting, or property damage from trail bikes and ATVS. In many cases landowners will permit hiking, etc. even when they will not allow the consumptive or destructive use of their land. There are many here that would like it that the landowners would be required to permit public hunting in all instances, but if this were to happen it would be a drastic blow to our wildlife.

Sorry I didn't get over sooner to comment, but I spent the week in the elk range and have been trying to get caught up since I got back.