Monday, 17 August 2009

Barbed Wire

Love it or loathe it
It comes in handy when out with the camera


imac said...

As if that would keep Wiggers out, great find Tom.

alicesg said...

Nice photo. I hated this barbed wires. I remembered when I was young, they used these wires to fence off roads, buildings, etc, I used to get cut by these wires just by walking pass them. Nowadays these wires are not much used here to barricade. Safer barricades are used.

PERBS said...

Something we would never have thought of photographing before the digital age of camera. . .

Arija said...

There's nothing like a bit of fencing wire to fix an old car too.

Texas Travelers said...

Great idea.

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Catherine said...

When I was a teenager ~my sisters and Brother and I would take a short cut through a horse pasture behind our house to get to bus stop had to go under a barbed wire fence taking turns holding it carefully up between barbs enough for each other to get safely underneath, til one morning when a horse decided he had enough of us interupting his mornings and charged us, I was only one not under fence yet, and decided going over would be quicker~was I wrong, ended up getting jeans caught in barbs & hanging upside down staring the horse in the face, he retreated~ But I swear with a huge grin! Ended up with a very bad sprained ankle,torn jeans, a fear of horses, and no more shortcuts through pasture From that mornin on! But love your captures Tom,I've always found it interesting and beautiful~must be the danger that makes it so!
Hope you are well!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Barbed wire does nott necessarily stop me (and my camera) but electrified wire does. ;-)