Monday, 13 July 2009

Youngest Son Sam

Sam & The Church Roof
Sam is our youngest son, he as just turned 19, and as for the last 18month been working as a self employed Roofing Contractor. He tried a few jobs before this but did not settle... he seems to have took to this and the money he can earn very well.
He normally works on houses, so when he came home smiling a few weeks ago saying that he and his partner Dave had a church roof to do... we were a bit worried about the height. To be honest so was he. We all had no reason to be as within a day or two he was sat atop the ridge tiles taking pictures on his camera phone and enjoying in the views.
I have worked on roofs in the past and I was never to good with hights, but at least 'now a days' safety seems to be a concideration. There's scaffolding all around which is supposed to catch you in a fall... but I still do not think I would like to work up there. :O)
That's David up on the ridge, he as and still is showing Sam the tricks of the trade. David prefers working with slate, and using lead for the flashings. Lead work is a skill in itself and is something Sam is hoping to master.
I will be showing a bit more from this roof tomorrow, and wish to make it clear now that I did not take these pictures.. :O) all these are taken by Sam and David.


Arija said...

Scary stuff, better him than me. Somehw mountainclimbing looks safer than that flat steep slope without any hand-holds.
Sam is making a good job of it though. Nice to see one's children settled into a good trade.

Anonymous said...

That is really a job to marvel at. Anybody getting up on a roof that steep has got to know what he is doing and I hope has some kind of safety harness on. I do know they wear them here and it is required by law on commercial buildings (primarily to avoid lawsuits). Your son has a brilliant future if he and his partner can master this profession. No doubt about it, slate is the way to go. The life of slate over here is about 100 years and asphalt about 30. Tin is about 100 years too but not used as much as asphalt shingles. Great post. Beautiful photography.

alicesg said...

He is a handsome little guy. That looks like a very speciality job. I remembered when I was very young, we would go up to my grandparents house and climb up the roof. We play there without a fear but I dont think I would climb on roof

Willard said...

Hi Tom and Jane, I hope you both are well.

This is a very interesting post. I can stand a very moderate amount of height, but I couldn't function where he is at. I'm glad someone can do that type of work though.

Patty said...

I would have to have one of those harness things attached to me and the roof. LOL But you wouldn't catch me up there to begin with.

The Texican said...

He sounds like an industrious young man. Good for him. I may need a job one day soon - maybe I could sweep up the scrap that falls from the roofing job. Pappy

RuneE said...

I'm impressed - You wouldn't get me up there at any price! You must be proud of him - I even think I hear the voice of one...

PS Congrats with the mention on POTD!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Just looking at the photos of your son on the roof makes my hands sweat. LOL

It's wonderful when your children settle into jobs they like.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Awe to be young and fearless. A decade ago I managed to do my two story house roof by by lonesome. It took three weeks. Last year, I was barely able to help my son do my front porch roof. I am just a broken down old workhorse.

Kerri said...

Yikes! That would scare me to death! He must have a lot of courage!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: That is one steep roof.

Rose said...

I'm glad someone can do these jobs...I might could have when young, but for sure not now, nor for the past several years.