Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sam The Roofer

Roof Top Views


The church building was constructed in 1880, so it's note done bad in rainy Manchester. Due to a diminishing congregation, the church was divided in the 1970's to allow parts of the building to used by community groups. The Church can no longer used because of its poor condition, and had to close down. What was left of the congregation started worshiping in temporary rooms elsewhere.


There's plans for a conversion of the existing church building with the erection of a 4 storey extension to the church, The Sunday school building has been demolished as part of the renew. The resulting building would then be used as a place of worship , community facilities, including café and apartments.


One of the many Gargoyles, it looks sad to me
This is a job that must take some nerve, it is one that I could not have done. We all want our children to 'Go Up In The World'.. but this is not what we envisaged ha!


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: Your son is a brave guy. That roof looks scary.

Linda - Gold Coast said...

As someone who absolutely has a fear and dread of heights, I think they are CRAZY but obviously they are fearless warriors!! Here we have strict rules about Health and Safety and I'm almost 100% certain they would have to wear a safety harness. They are doing a terrific job and I've really enjoyed viewing the photo from my chair on the ground.

Tom said...

Health and Safety applies over here as well... Harnesses were mentioned at thestart of the job but that was it... I think that most roofers would prefer to work the roof without. The main worry is sliding down the roof amd falling... that is why the scaffolding is there...but I would still not to go up there.

nonizamboni said...

Enjoyed your rooftop adventures! The second one is especially 'breathtaking' and that dear, sad gargoyle... You certainly have a way of finding the best views. And I agree. . .let's keep our kids off the roofs :O)
Have a great week!

Tricia said...

I'd much rather enjoy these views through your eyes and camera Tom, than be up there taking the pictures myself!! Interesting to see buildings from a different angle though!!

imac said...

NO way would you get me up there Tom, great shots tho.