Friday, 3 July 2009

Last from Reddish Vale







__ ? __


View of the Viaduct


Ducks on the old mill pond


This view taken late evening is the last from this series of pictures... but I'm sure I will be back here again soon. Thanks for stopping by.. Have a great weekend.


SandyCarlson said...

These are all wonderful--color, framing, mood. All of it.

The sparrow gave me the feeling he was impersonating a pine cone at first!

Patty said...

Happy week-end.

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Many thanks Tom for a wonderful series - your photographs are outstanding and it's been a real pleasure every day to see what you had in store. I think it's this month your new grandchild is due? Hope everything goes well. Have a great weekend. Linda

Tom said...

Hi Linda
The pleasure was all mine.. and Janes of course...

The baby is due today.. but as of yet there's no sign... it's my birthday on the 7th... so what a present that would be for me... :O)

Deslilas said...

Thanks for visiting and sharing.
Marguerite is a very impressive woman, she speaks "straight" and has a lot to tell.

Linda - Gold Coast said...

How exciting Tom and Jane!! I'm sure Mum to be wants baby out ASAP but how lovely would it be for baby to be born on Tom's Birthday. Hang on Mummy only 3 days to go! Looking forward to seeing the announcement soon. Linda

fishing guy said...

Tom: Really cool photos.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

It;s such a beautiful place that I HOPE you return to it. The bottom photo is a stunner!

Kerri said...

Beautiful! That last shot is amazing!!