Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Reddish Vale Views


I have not been to this area for a while, so starting from today I will show you a few sights from Reddish Vale. Reddish Vale is mainly green fields, comprising woodland, flat riverside meadows, and sloping fields used for grazing.


Nearby are two mill ponds left over from industrial activity in the vale. More about these in further posts.


The above picture shows part of the sixteen-arch brick viaduct built in 1875 to carry the Hope Valley Line over the Tame valley. There is a legend that during construction a local witch cursed the viaduct and anyone who counted the number of arches. Ha! I didn't count them... ;O) More from here tomorrow.. hope you can join us.


Arija said...

I do love places slowly reverting back to nature. Tom what is the plant narcicisstically gazing into the mill pold? It looks so familiar.
Beautiful photos.

SandyCarlson said...

That's a beautiful spot. I love the way nature took right over. I wonder why that witch cursed anyone who counted the arches.....Witches do have their peculiarities, don't they?

Tom said...

Thank you for commenting... Arija. I'm not sure what the plant is... there's many different types of these around. I will try to find out and get back to you.
Sandy... We have a friend who dabbles in witchcraft... only with her it's more to do with herbs, and such... she dose however make spell parcels but only for goodness.... nothing about the 'darkside'..

fishing guy said...

Tom: Well witches curse or not it is a beautiful structure.

Anonymous said...

The plant from here looks like it could be a weed over here called, "Queen Ann's Lace." Not sure, of course, what they are called on your side of the pond.

I like the viaduct. It looks like something the Romans did during their occupation of your country. Beautiful.

Witches are ladies who get up out of bed cursing an empty pillow and have been trying to screw (- please: not the vulgar term but the cheating term -) folks ever since.

Love your handling of the landscape, Tom. You have a beautiful countryside to work with.

Honest...around here if you trespass on people's property, the owner either has you arrested or chases you off with a loaded shotgun. Incuding farms, hills and dales.

Willard said...

Hi Tom&Jane,

I hope you are doing well. Thanks for stopping by my blog. As usual, I really enjoyed catching up on your blog. I always like the photo tours and look forward to more from this area.

The flower photos are outstanding. I never tire of seeing them.

I was sorry to read of George's problem. My father had a knee replaced this spring. He was on blood thinners too and began bleeding internally. It was touch and go for awhile, but they got it stopped and he is o.k. now.

Patty said...

I wonder how the name Reddish Vale came about? Nice photos.

Carolyn said...

Beautiful photographs Tom and I look forward to the walk. I love the old viaducts, I have never actually seen one up close and personal but how they were built fascinates me and that so many of them still exist. I haven't seen Queen Anne's Lace in a long time...so delicate.
Thanks for sharing.

KAZ said...

I often walk around there Tom - thank God I didn't count the arches.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Looks very GREEN to me so I'm wondering why it's called Reddish Vale. ;-)

I LOVE the rustic, slightly wild look of this area,

Rose said...

I am always impressed with things like this...built that long ago.

Carletta said...

That first shot is gorgeous!
I almost was counting arches until I read witch. I wonder if looking at your photo and counting would have the same circumstances. I better not chance it. :)

Ida said...

I would like to take a walk there myself in RL.
Lovely place.
Very nice pictures. :)