Thursday, 20 May 2010


Speckled Wood

Picture took by Jane

This butterfly is normally seen in more sheltered places than our back garden. It is often the only species seen in dappled shade, or in overcast conditions. When a male encounters a friendly female, (who has a more laboured flight than the male) she will fall to the ground or a nearby leaf where, after a brief kiss and a cuddle, the pair mate. Both sexes feed from honeydew, but also take nectar from a variety of plants when honeydew is scarce. We are seeing many more butterflies since the field at the back of our house was left to go wild.


Darla said...

I love butterflies almost as much as flowers. I am glad to read that you are seeing more of them.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: So very cool, what a neat butterfly.

Tom said...

I've Jane to thank for the picture.

imac said...

My, this is a super shot.
Its a photo that stands out by a mile that such a professional has taken this, well done Jane.
You have also done a super job in training Tom how to take wonderful shots

Rose said...

She is a beauty!