Thursday, 18 March 2010

Signs of Spring No.1

Nest Building

Both birds build the large nest, which can take several weeks to complete, from small branches and twigs, and line it with mud and vegetation. The nest is usually in a large tree and domed to prevent predation by other crows.

The hen lays and incubates eggs that are smooth, glossy, pale blue with olive-brown - grey spots. The eggs are about 35 mm by 24 mm. During the breeding season, the hen can often be identified by having bent or damaged tail feathers.

Breeding Starts early April - Number of clutches = 1, - Number of eggs = 5-8,
Incubation = 21-23 days, - Young Fledge after 22-28 days.

I became aware of this nest building a few week ago.... a single Magpie flew overhead with a small twig in its beak.... within the day a platform was built... and over the last three weeks the nest as steadily grown. If I look out of my front window this nest is in view...... and another can be seen from my back door.

More signs of spring tomorrow


Darla said...

Great series and info here. It amazes me how the birds can construct such nice looking nests. I've been watching the House Wren build a nest in my garden mailbox.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: Looks like a squirrels nest, it is very large.

imac said...

Nice work Tom and an eagle eye too.

Rose said...

How wonderful to be able to sit and watch...