Saturday, 13 March 2010

Garden On Rabbit Lane

My son Ben and his girlfriend Becca called around yesterday and had a hour or two to spare. I got him to take me out for a much needed walk..... I have not felt up to one for ages and was starting to get cabin fever.

I went with the intention of getting a picture or two for the Header Challenge I take part in.... I had a nice steady walk but found it very hard going..... a walk I used to do in half an hour took over two hours as I had to keep resting.

I led the way and took Ben and Becca along Hobson Moor Road, and down a farm track past 'Hard Times Farm'. I then went down Rabbit lane as I had an idea that the pictures I was seeking could be found around there... and I was right.

The pictures in this post are of a stunning garden I have seen being worked on for over 3 years now.... I recall this ground as a soggy mess, a natural spring bubbled up here and it just made the mud worse... nothing was ever grown here, it had become overgrown and disused.

Now the garden as been transformed, the spring as been made a feature of and the waterfall in the first picture is a good example of the planning that as gone into this patch of lost ground. Statues, rocks and a large amount of shrubs, trees and plants have been added and it really is a pleasure to walk past now. The sound of the water echo's from the few cottages that line Rabbit Lane making for a beautiful sight and sound walk. Darla who takes part in the Header Challenge came to my mind as I walked by here... I'm sure she would fully appreciate all the hard work and planning that has produced this. Just a few pictures but I hope you enjoy the views as much as I did..... as for the walk.... I really enjoyed it.... but boy was I tired last night.... and still am this morning... ha!


Darla said...

First and most importantly I am glad to see you wanting to walk...the slower the stroll the more sight to take in. Yessir, I do appreciate all of the work that has gone into this area, wish I could have turned a spade or two of soil here...glad you found your photo opp, just hope it's not too good! Thanks for the link.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Looks like spring has begun there, Tom. You certainly found lots to take photos of! I'm glad you got out to enjoy some fresh air and the scenery. Take care!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: What a neat garden, so pretty in this late Winter season..

Carolyn said...

Tom, what a lovely walk and your photos are beautiful. I am also glad that you made it out into Mother Nature's domain. I have enjoyed going through your posts of the past month of so. Your macro work is so beautiful. I really like your current header.
Stay well!
Blessings and smiles

imac said...

Good on yer Tom, glad to hear that you got out for a while, altho tired, I bet it brightened your spirits a lot.
Look forward to seeing your header this week too.
Mines from Wales.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I'm so glad you were able take me down Rabbit Lane so many moons ago. You introduced me to somewhere I'd never been. Take care now.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed a nice place with lots of creative work in the making. And your photos of it are fine.

I was especially pleased to hear from you about Big Pete and his dog Defor. I am glad they are both well and doing OK. It was nice to hear about the tiny bird you said Pete got a picture of. Thanks for all the information.

Coy said...

Hi Tom,

Nice change you have here too.
Good to see you are out and about again.

Thanks so much for the compliment, you probably noticed some things that didn't quite look right with my new layout. I was in the middle of tweeking it when the power went out, stayed out for nine hours. Everything is fixed now.

Rose said...

I would love to see that in person...and I love that last picture.

Thanks for stopping by, and you might want to go to the blog today. You don't have to take time to comment but I think you will get a kick out of another little video I put up.

Neal said...

Hope all is well with you my friend, Sorry I don't get around to commenting a lot...seems like I don't have much spare time even though I'm retired. :) Looks like spring is springing there....we just got back from South Carolina and I can see some green in our yard so spring is in the air here also.