Saturday, 27 March 2010

Canal Views 3

Barge Names


Cape Weaver


Just as it should be.. I'll leave you with Peace


imac said...

Peace be with you also Wiggly

Anonymous said...

I really like this look at your canal boats, Tom. It helps me to imagine what our canal boats were once like. There are no canals left here and that is a shame. It would be nice to take a ride on one of them some warm summer afternoon.

EG Wow said...

These are great, Tom. I like reading boat names here...but never thought to photograph them. Cool idea!

RuneE said...

Some names!

Wouldn't it have been a Lark to rent Peace?

Rose said...

I love those names!

Carletta said...

They have wonderful color and graphics on them.
I like how you ended the post Tom -sweet ending.