Sunday, 17 January 2010

Close Ups Part 2

Thank you for visiting, and commenting... alas my blogging is rather 'oneway' at the moment.. please forgive the lack of my comments on your postings... I do still visit as I can and promise to catch up with all soon.


RuneE said...

If theses last shot have been taken today, I'll be more than green with envy!!

Life always looks special when you look close enough - and you do.

Keep well!

Tom said...

These are some that I took in a disused quarry last spring... Hopefully I will be back there in a week or two to take some more.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: What beauties, the lichen can really put on a show.

Arija said...

Tom, we seem to be in the same boat. My old ticker decided to strike. It did not appreciate extreme heat for over a week so yours truly is in totter mode with water on the brain and evrywhere else.
Adorable mosses and lichens, wish I had a macro too.

Dimple said...

Lovely shots, Tom. I really like the first two: the little red tongue on the first is so hopeful beside its brown companions, and the moss getting ready to send out seed (or whatever moss does, I don't know the proper term!) pleases me. Spring will be here, I just need patience to wait for it!

Paulie said...

Sure are some nice photos you are sharing! Enjoyed my visit again! Take care and feel better soon!

Coy said...

How beautiful Tom. Isn't it simply amazing what beauty there is in these lichens and to think that most times we simply trample them underfoot.

If you get a chance pop over to see my camera critter, it reminds me of the both of us :)

imac said...

No prob my friend.
Love these close-ups.
That 1st pic looks like a tongue (is it a female)

Carletta said...

My Dear Tom,
I was so pleasantly surprised to see your comment on my blogs today. So glad you enjoyed my roses and little sleeping Lily. I don't know how I existed before I was a Grandma. :)
I was just emailing a friend today about closeup shots. I'd love a macro lens someday to get really close.
I love these shots! The new sprouts on the moss is my favorite.
Please take good care of yourself and do tell Jane hello.
Many hugs to you both.