Saturday, 17 October 2009

Woodland Views

Early Bank Wood





Anonymous said...

Such stark beauty is rare here. But I don't get around much anymore so it might not be so rare after all. This is a beautiful set of photos and so different from anything we have here.

Tom said...

Hi Abe... this is a small woodlands once privately owned by a wealthy cotton mill owner who give the woods and parklands, along with art work, books and much more to the people of the area. The park is beautiful, and these woodlands house one of the very first nature reserves taken over by the RSPB . Their house was also make into a makeshift hospital for the troops in WW1..
All this wealth was from Cotton.

Patty said...

Nice woods. Today we drove around for a while, out onto back country roads, so Abe could take some Fall photos. Hope he got some good ones.

webruci said...

Wonderful landscape and beautiful pictures.
The header photo it's amazing:-)
Have a nice Sunday.

Coy said...

Lovely views Tom, those last two look like they are straight out of a Brit murder mystery :)

BTW your country produces some excellent TV that gets shown over here on our public broadcasting network. Doc Martin began airing recently, the wife & I love it.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It looks like part of the 100 Acre Wood. I think you should go back and photoshop in some of the characters we expect to see there.

Arija said...

These are so beautiful Tm, you know I am a sucker for woods that are left in peace and to their own devices...they are so full of promise.

James said...

That's the type of place where I want to go when the rain stops,
Great photos!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Tom: I do love a walk through the woods and all the lovely moss covered trees.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...


After researching the Ashdown forest, site of Winnie the Pooh stories, I think your bit of woods is nicer. Ashdown Forrest doesn't appear the be much of a forest at all. I guess living surrounded by 100's of thousands of acres of continual forest, spoils me.

Perhaps, your little ones would enjoy reading about Winnie the Pooh, an Canadian he was.

Tom said...

Hi Philip
We have many Winnie the Poo books and DVDs and soft toys in our home... but these are Janes.. ha!

imac said...

Wonderful scenes Tom, grand place for a walk.