Friday, 9 October 2009

3 Of - 5a Benches

A 'Resting' of Benches
Black & White




To see more benches visit my good friend Runee who for the last 6 months as been featuring Bench Of The Week check it out he has a great blog with great pictures any day of the week. I also have to mention PERBS and Kerri who have a blog just for Benches called For The Love Of Benches Please nip over and see whats on offer there, you will not be disapointed.


James said...

Another wonderful picture. Great setting for benches and I love all of those leaves on the ground.

PERBS said...

WOW! Three benches in one post! I love them all -- each in its own setting! And all those leaves on the ground!!!!! Fall has really arrived for those benches. I bet it would be wonderful to sit on any of them to watch Autumn in action! I love the black and white but wonder if it would look even prettier in color?

Thanks for mentioning my bench blog. I have been collecting benches for a couple years now and my friend, Malyss in France also has a blog just dedicated to benches and she is on her 2nd blog for them too since she posted 400 benches on her first blog and now over 100 on her new blog. Rune mentions her blog in his unofficial meme also.

Please drop by and see my neat bench for Rune's challenge -- it will be up in about 6 hours, early for me as it is still Thursday here.

Dina said...

Nice! And such a poetic title too.

KAZ said...

I love benches - I even have one in the kitchen that I bought from Woolworths.

RuneE said...

I liked the way you had made these benches monochrome - it enhanced the structure. I was especially impressed by the second photo with the stone wall/bench/settee on the right.

If I see some stones put together to look approximately like a wall, I thing of you :-)

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The benches look sturdy and well placed for weary foot travellers. They have a welcoming feel to them.

Rose said...

These are lovely....each one looks so inviting. I can just imagine sitting there and visiting with friends.

Kerri said...

Lovin' these benches Tom!!