Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Canal Side Views

This is a great area for taking reflection shots, I just wished that the sky could have been blue, with a scattering of clouds.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Happy Birthday, Tom! Easy on the celebrating.

Tom said...

Thank you Philip... 51 today by the way.... 07/07/58.
I'm hoping that my grandson Malaki will be born today... Victoria was due to give birth on the 4th.. What a present that would be... :O)

Carletta said...

Phillip beat me. I just left you a note on Pictures and Words.
But, I'll say it again here HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Will say prayers for Victoria and Malaki that all goes well. Wouldn't that be a wonderful present!
Have a great day Tom!

Hyde DP said...

Happy birthday Tom - great shots of the Portland Basin.

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Happy Birthday Tom, still time for Malaki to arrive on your birthday. Good vintage year was 1958, my brother was born in the May. Cheers and have a terrific day. Linda

Tom said...

Thank you all...
We are all hoping that Malakai decides to join us for Birthday cake.... Jane says I cannot light all those candle as we have only just got over one heat-wave... ;O)

Anonymous said...

That canal bridge for man or animal is really neat. I have never seen one before today. Your photo is excellent.

Linda - Gold Coast said...

I forgot to say what great photo's, then I was going to ask where they were taken. Gerald pointed out the shots were of the Portland Basin, but now I am lost again. So much has changed since I left in 1982, all for the better by the look of things. Still time for the little man to arrive. Linda

RuneE said...

I don't know - I liked it that way. A bit more peaceful. You might try the same with the sun and compare. I have a feeling that a monochrome might be worth trying.

PS Thank you for the comment! Take care of yourself and the rose and I'll look forward to the post!

PPS And someone mentioned birthday? Congratulations!!

imac said...

Wonderful shots and what a beautiful place it is Tom.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Happy belated birthday, Tom!

I have a fondness for reflections and these are magnificent.

Ida said...

BEAUTIFUL place and pictures! :)))

Happy belated birthday!!!
I hope that you had a great day!

Is Malaki born now, by the way?
What a wonderful present.
The best! :)